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Sensor Gateways

Sensor Gateways

The Gyrfalcon IoT Humidity Monitoring Gateway (GYRHT0001) allows you to monitor room temperature, pressure and humidity levels remotely to make data-driven decisions based on real-time humidity data.

Sensor calibration is an added feature for the gateway aimed to ensure the accuracy and precision at required levels as well as support periodic maintenance.

This Gateway is targeted for use in applications in the domains of agriculture and food quality control and grain store, drug production and storage, HVAC Control, Industrial process monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, Data centers, Logistics and FMCG during transportation of goods.

Future implementations for humidity IoT involve custom integration of artificial intelligence and analytics for predictive maintenance such as decreasing spoilage, control functions for improved energy efficiency and savings as well as others (application specific).

Device Core Specifications

Power Supply

5V to 13.5V DC, 3A


GSM or WiFi

Battery Capacity

2600 mAh

Backup Battery

20 hours (based on configuration)

Operating Temperature

-10° C to +70°C


Thermal Resistant/Polycarbonate

Security Configuration

End-to-end Data encryption



Report Generation formats

xls, csv, pdf

Sensor Specifications (configurable)

Temperature Resolution


Temperature Range

-40°C to +85°C

Temperature Accuracy

± 2°C

Humidity Accuracy

± 5% RH

Humidity Range

20% to 90% RH

Pressure Range

500 to 1000 Hpa

Pressure Accuracy

±1.7 Hpa, 0.12 Hpa