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Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker

GYRFALCONTM IoT Location Tracking System (GYRIOT001) is a telematics technology that allows the real time location monitoring of vehicles/assets using GNSS and cellular communication. The Tracker System integrates many features such as alerting and notifications, geofencing and immobilization of vehicle. The System also provides reports and analytics on vehicle/asset usage, efficiency and performance insights to make informed decisions and optimize operations.

Device Core Specifications

Power Supply

5V to 13.5V DC, 3A


GSM or WiFi

Battery Capacity

2600 mAh

Backup Battery

20 hours (based on configuration)

Operating Temperature

-10° C to +70°C


Thermal Resistant/Polycarbonate

Security Configuration

End-to-end Data encryption



Report Generation formats

xls, csv, pdf


The target application domains include Logistics and Transportation including Cold Store Reefer truck, Boats and inland Waterways management, Railway Cargo wagon tracking, Heavy machinery, Construction and Infrastructure equipment management, Asset Insurance, Supply Chain Management, Rental and Leased Assets, Cold storage Reefer Trucks, Emergency Vehicles, Mobile Utility and Energy Appliance Management, Security & Safety vehicle tracking, others.

Customisation Support:

Configurable Sensors

Vibration monitoring, Battery monitoring, Motion detection, Tamper proof, Others

Data Rate

Configurable Data Acquisition and Data Upload rates

Alerts Configuration

Critical events, Sudden drop in fuel

Notification support

Email/SMS/Escalation Hierarchy/Audible alarm


Multidevice Management, Prediction & Analytics, Custom views, Role based access, Command control access, Data backup/Restore, FOTA