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Gyrfalcon IntelliEdge Solutions

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About Us

Gyrfalcon IntelliEdge Solutions India Pvt Ltd is an Industrie 4.0 startup incubated at IISc Bengaluru focusing on Digitization, Digitalization and Automation Solutions. Towards bridging the IT-OT convergence gap through customized integrations, our solutions provide savings for our customers using GYRFALCONTM IoT gateways with cloud enabled remote monitoring dashboards

Our Products

Sensor Gateways

Sensor Gateway for sensing temperature, humidity, pressure and other sensor configurations.

Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker for outdoor tracking and management of assets. Has support for geofencing and configurable alerts.

UPS Monitoring

UPS Monitoring Gateway integrates with UPS appliances to provide real time information.

Our Features

Sensor data

Sensor data is the information acquired by a Data Sensor component when it scans one or more IMS database environments

Remote Monitoring

RMM is a technology that allows you to remotely monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure and IoT smart devices.

Web Based Dashboards

A website dashboard is an online report that displays your website's data, including ecommerce and web analytics.

Appliance Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object. It simulates and monitors processes throughout the item's lifecycle, using real-time data sent by sensors

Alerts and Events

Alerts are qualified events because they continuously gather and track data linked to a metric and monitoring, such as latency, errors, saturation, and so on.


Analytics is a branch of computer science that employs math, statistics, and machine learning to uncover significant patterns in data.