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We are all aware that India’s economy relies heavily on agriculture, where farmers occasionally face crop losses due to unpredictable weather conditions. With increasing population and greater migration away from agriculture as a mode of livelihood, it is through modern technology that agriculture can be sustained, especially when it is forecast to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. This is an opportune moment for farmers to embrace technology. By integrating sensors with cloud technology, farmers can access real-time monitoring capabilities.


Modernisation of farming by implementation of IoT has a significant impact.

Market Trend

The connected agriculture market stood at USD 13.61 billion in 2022 globally and expected to grow to USD 33.57 billion by 2032 CAGR of 9.50%.


IoT supports precision agriculture by enabling the monitoring of soil moisture, temperature and nutrient levels.

Additionally, IoT facilitates the monitoring and tracking of crop health and growth, as well as the monitoring of weather and environmental conditions.

It also aids in the management of greenhouses and the monitoring and tracking of agricultural equipment.

Allied to agriculture and crops, in poultry farming and in management of animal husbandry, tracking livestock and the environmental parameters with a data driven approach can prevent and reduce illnesses through prediction.

IoT in bee keeping also an allied activity can further crucially strengthen agriculture through improved pollination while providing an independent revenue stream.


Smart farming needs integration of different sensors based on the target need.

pH Sensors

pH IoT devices integrates pH sensors to monitor the salinity of the water.

pH Sensors
Soil moisture

Soil moisture monitoring devices enables us to maintain the necessary moisture level required for the growth of crops.

Soil moisture
Location sensors

Live location tracking of agriculture precision equipment ie essential to avoid any misuse and theft of the equipment.

Location sensors
temperature sensors

Temperature monitoring devices uses temperature sensors to monitor health of the crop and weather conditions. They can also help in green house monitoring.

temperature sensors

Our Solution

Cutomised GYRFALCON devices integrated with relevant sensors required for transforming conventional method of farming into intelligent farming have the capabilites to enhance the efficiency of agriculture sector by reducing operational cost.