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About Us

Gyrfalcon IntelliEdge Solutions India Pvt Ltd is an Industrie 4.0 startup incubated at IISc Bengaluru focusing on Digitization, Digitalization and Automation Solutions. Towards bridging the IT-OT convergence gap through customized integrations, our solutions provide savings for our customers using GYRFALCONTM IoT gateways with cloud enabled remote monitoring dashboards.

Our Products

Our Mission

To Digitize, Digitalize and Automate

Our Vision

Make remote monitoring accessible to industry through the adoption of India-made sensors.

Our Values

Customer centric, innovation-oriented and positive workforce

Industrie 4.0 – Digitize, Digitalize, Automate

Do you want to deploy your available assets and resources more effectively and productively, reduce failure and save on avoiding downtime? It is necessary to first have data that informs you about the current state. Through data on utilisation, location, environmental and operational parameters only can one see correlations, detect patterns and predictions. Industrie 4.0 envisages fully automated, highly efficient and scalable factories of the future. The first step is gathering data via Digitisation. Our patented GYRFALCON IoT Solutions help you in monitoring and Digitisation. With data, Digitalisation is the conversion of offline processes with web and mobile enabled applications, roles, alerts, approval hierarchies and workflows. Extending monitoring to management, control and data driven decisions with central command and control dashboards gets you started on the Automation journey. We support you in your customised implementation solutions.